Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tropical Christmas?...

I just wanted to show you this vintage tropical Christmas music box...
it playes Silent would think it would play something more jazzier...

crazy chennile clowns and little fruit and banana's. I thought it was fun. I will be listing this in the shop today.


  1. That is one very interesting Christmas decoration. Silent Night does seem a little out of character with the clowns and bananas!! I'm sure it will find a nice home.

  2. Tropical and Vintage...two of my favorite words!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow that's a jazzy ..Christmas decoration !!! I can see celebrating with that in the bahamas or some such place ..very cool find !!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  4. Hi Stefanie,
    How cute...Funny, even though I live in California I never see Christmas as anything other than a "White Christmas" go never snows here. I have never thought about Christmas as tropical. :-) How very cute. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh! And if you have any suggestion about what to name my mannequin...send them my way. ;-D Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. That is so neat! You had visited my blog and left a comment about the curtains... I couldn't find how to email you... I didn't use the clip rings. I sewed the rings on the back and I had folded the top part over like a cuff and sewed them on the back and then hung them and kind of fluffed the cuff up. I am sure this sounds confusing!

    hope is makes sense!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is fabulous!