Friday, January 1, 2010


"Amour" Valentines Swap...
Well I am going to do my FIRST swap...and I thought this would be the one. I love Valentines day. Cathy @ Treasured Heirlooms is hosting this swap, go over and sign up, it really sounds like fun. I have never done a swap, I guess just nervous, what if they think....yuk. But its the New Year and I am going for it...maybe one of you will be my swap partner. Click on the logo on my sidebar to go sign up.


  1. good for you! maybe i'll go too!
    Happy New Year! Dixie

  2. I signed up!! I've never done this type of a swap. I've done miniaure related! I'm going out of my comfort zone this year and you inspired me to do it!!


  3. You will have a great time, they are always fun to take part in!!! Everyone is usually so supportive, you will love it!
    Margaret B

  4. Oh good you joined too! It sounds like fun!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. I have never did one either. Maybe I should be brave like you and try it.
    Just came by to wish you a Happy New Year

  6. A new year filled with new adventures. Good for you. Hope your first swap is lots of fun, I'm sure it will be.

  7. How fun! I am signed up for Cathy's swap too!

  8. I've signed up too - maybe we'll be partners - it's gonna be so much FUN!!

  9. Way to go!! Now that's how you start off a new decade...just jump right in and try something new!! I have already signed up for 2 fairly complicated swaps, so I have to pass on this one....have a great'll be hooked as soon as you receive your package!!
    Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

  10. We are always our own worst critics. I know that whatever you do will be absolutely amazing. Have fun with the swap! I wish I could do one but then, they probably really would say Yuck! HA! Plus, being so far away, and with the mail system here, my stuff would never get to anyone -- maybe in the next new year. :) Blessings to you! Have a happy day. Tammy

  11. I'm thinking about doing this, but I'm having the same feelings as you, I've never done a swap either and don't know what to do! Have a terrific weekend!

  12. I hope you have fun.
    I hope Christmas was wonderful.