Thursday, December 13, 2012

fresh picked...

one of my sons friends is going to ask a girl to formal and wanted to know if I could pick him a bouquet...

it rained all day yesterday, but I managed to still find some roses,
big and miniture...

and of course some lavender...

favorite vase and glitter tag...

a sweet little bird from the Dollar Tree I embellished...

and even had some left for me!!!


  1. Beautiful bouquet gathered by a good mommy.

  2. So beautiful. Love the post undere here too.

    Wish you a nice weekend

  3. the bouquet is beautiful and how sweet of him to ask you-I hope the gal says Yes!

  4. Is that a new header? I thought I was at the wrong house, I love it! What a sweet bouquet of flowers, he will love it, and then she will love him!


  5. What a beautiful bouquet and a very lucky girl indeed. Love your header!!