Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Cute...

Is this the cutest cookie jar ever!!!!!
I got this cutie this morning...are you ready...Walmart, for $12.00. I really don't need a cookie jar, a cookie never survives long enough to go into a jar, but goodness, I fell in love!
ta da....my kitchen table, I even put a centerpiece on it...okay, don't get to proud of me, the bar behind is still full of crafts, but it's a start...

I filled a vintage basket and then put my little display I used for my banner up. Well I am off to make a dent on the bar and kitchen counters now.


  1. Go Stefanie! Go Stefanie!
    Oh sweetie look at you go. I am loving this cookie jar. You know when I don't have cookies to put in mine, I keep mine to the side of my sink, where I can keep my scrubbies and sink stuff in there for cleaning the dishes. I sometimes even keep the package of dishwasher packets in there, so I don't have to keep bending over and getting stuff out from under the sink. The grandkids laugh, as they never know what they may find in my cookie jar.

    I just love it sweetie. You table looks so pretty. Job well done. You are just making the whole house so festive. Love the snowman, and the antique balls.

    Thanks for sharing. Please pop by and say hi. I so love it when you do.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. What an adorable cookie jar! 12 dollars..wow. I cleared off my table a few days ago and the clutter is creeping back onto it....lol. Sigh. I just love the snow falling on your blog..so charming!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  3. What a lovely pink floral tablecloth! Gawjuss :) And your pretty pink ornaments look so good with it. Cute cookie jar~love that your cookies never last long enough to go in one ;) Pretty, pretty blog, Stef ♥

  4. What an adorable cookie jar!! My worktable is never cleared . . . . but I can close the door when it's really bad, LOL

    Those pink ornaments and snowman look right at home on your table!


  5. Oh my goodness what a bargain, and what a Beautiful background to! SAWEET! Maureen

  6. What an adorable cookie jar! I see why you had to snap that up! Your table looks lovely!


  7. Your table looks lovely. I love how the color of the flowers in the table cloth and the color of the ornaments work together. Very cute little angel too!

  8. Super cute... I can just picture how wonderful your home is....with all the glitter and glue in the kitchen too :)

    I have moved my creative space...soooo many times. In fact...I am in the process of moving things into my dining room.

    My dining room...NEVER gets used! I redecorated it with my Victorian doll house and a glass case that I moved from my shop.

    The room has a lot of light and I am inspired in the surroundings..it has lots of dolls!

    I got your email about the Angel....I decided to make one of my vintage~tattered dolls into a little Angel(will post about it soon)

    Also I will blog about my new space soon.....I am trying to clean up the horrific mess in my bedroom....our extended sitting room(in the bedroom)was the catch~all for my thrift shopping addiction!

  9. Everything looks so pretty..and I love,love,love the cookie jar. I just have to have one.

  10. I love the cookie jar...there really are so many cool ones out there but since I have so much clutter...there is no room for one on my counter!! Congrats on your table. You have inspired me!! ;-)


  11. Hi Stefanie,

    Your cookie jar is fabulous and I must run to my Walmart PRONTO!!

    I totally understand the table issue...I just cleared mine off over the weekend!

    Thank you sweet friend for your lovely comment...I adore you!

    Love and hugs,

  12. That cookie jar is adorable! And at Wal Mart you say? Hmmmm, might have to shop retail more often!

  13. Eeek! I want one, Stefanie! I haven't seen one at my Walmart, though! Maybe they're coming my way soon??? I usuallly don't use cookie jars because I covet my counter space in the kitchen but I could see a cuppie jar like that in my craft room!

    Your centerpiece is just perfect! Pretty + cute! ♥

  14. LOL! I can relate about the table being covered. My kitchen island hasn't seen the light of day in awhile..... BTW, I just bought some of the gorgeous vintage pinecone ornaments from your shop - I just love a vintage white Christmas!

  15. Happy Decorating to you!
    love your ornaments~

  16. What a truly sweet cookie jar! I don't know as I'll be in Walmart till after the holidays. I just hate the crowds. But that is cute as a bug's ear!

  17. That cookie jar is tooo cute!! I hear ya about the cookies not making it into one!

    I had my table cleaned off....it last a couple days! LOL

  18. Wow, I'm always at Walmart, and I have never run into such a pretty cookie jar. It looks so cottage style...adorable.