Friday, July 2, 2010


My daughter and I picked out a grapevine two years ago and planted it on this arbour...

this is the first year there are grapes...

she is soooo excited...but the tag said Thompson, those big green grapes...

but I think our grapes had the wrong tag on them...

they are still small but it looks like they are turning red...I hate when they put the wrong tag on plants....well, we will just see.  But it still is exciting  finally seeing fruit.


  1. A GREAT bounty!!!!! Jam and jelly in the future??
    Happy day!!!

  2. your grape vines look like they are about to deliver a wonderful harvest! i always think the red ones are sweeter.

    have a lovely weekend,

  3. Hi Stefanie... The grapes look beautiful, so big already!
    I always get the plant with the wrong tag... the bright red or yellow plant always pops up in my pastel garden and looks crazy! I have a neighbor who likes the hotter colors... so she is always pleased:-)
    Hope you get a good grape/ no sour grapes (ha ha had to say it:-)

  4. Oh that's fun and beautiful!

  5. How nice it would be pick your own grapes right at home. I love them and the jelly you can make from them.