Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you like dolls, or do the scare you? 

I was taking pictures of some vintage dolls I am putting in the shop...

and playing around in Photo shop...(which can really give you a headache!)

some are pretty...

and some are a little scary...I really don't like dolls but the one in my banner was just soooo sweet, she decided to live out in the cottage.


  1. Hi Stefanie :) I use to have quite a collection of Antique Reproductions dolls; Bru's & Jumueau's, but sold them all mostly on ebay over a year ago. I probably had about 40-50 dolls in my collection....I even had some modern day dolls that were dressed in long flowing gowns that I really liked. Had them displayed almost in every room of my home, except my boys' rooms, of course, lol :) but one day I decided I just wasn't really "into" them that much, and so I decided to let them go to new homes where they could be appreciated. Now I have about a handful of cute little bears that I have collected.

    I must say, that last doll with the dark hair does look a little bit scary, lol :)

    Hope you have a fun & safe upcoming 4th of July weekend!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. I love the American Girl dolls and all of their paraphernalia. My grand daughter had the nerve to become 18 and not play with me any more!!!!!
    Maybe she'll give me her dolls?

  3. I love dolls!And I'm partial to that dark-haired one.She is lovely:)

  4. YOU NOTICED!!!!!! :)
    Speaking of new looks . . . :) LOVE IT!
    But I really liked the old one too!
    Some dolls are creepy! I have one that's eyes follow you everywhere. The boys had a cow!
    Now if I had had daughters . . . I'd have a GAZILLION American Girl dolls! If it weren't for the price now, I think I Might just buy one for myself anyway!
    :) Happy 4th!!!!
    Hugs! Karen

  5. Pretty background and header, Stefanie. Some dolls are scarey and some are, both ;)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes~

  6. Well honey they never scared me before this post. lol
    Left you a comment about your lovely shop. What a great place to create.

  7. Dolls are OK, it's the clowns that scare me!


  8. Oh I like, my husband votes scary though! The one in your banner is sweet, gotta love those bottom lashes:-)

  9. Hi Stefanie,

    I love your new pretty header and your new doll.
    I used to make porcelain dolls years ago, so I have a small collection.
    I like antique French dolls.


  10. The dolls are lovely, but that lighting does make them look a bit creepy!

  11. Well I love dolls, but note the new cutesy one so much as the well loved old ones. Doll heads and other parts are a passion of mine.