Friday, January 7, 2011


Where is the sun?
its been missing for five days!!!!!

its sooooo gloomy, and I can't take pictures...they turn out soooo drab!!!
isn't it  funny how the weather can change your mood?  I just want to hybernate, my inspiration is all foggy....
please come back SUN!!!!!!!


  1. Hello,

    It's sunny here in Toronto, but we don't see the sun for long in the Winter...about five months...I know exactly what you mean..

    ~ Gabriela ~

  2. I hear ya, but on the flip side for me I get more work done, ha ha ha

    And it has been COOOOOLLLLDDDDDD


  3. I've been feeling the same way for weeks now. We see the sun for a day here in Minnesota, then it disappears again for days and days and all one sees is gloomy gray skies and snow covered ground. I am so longing for the sunnier and warmer days of Spring. Can't come soon enough for me. Hope the weather will improve where you are so the weekend will be a bit more cheerful. Take care..


  4. We have sun here and there, but we got snow last night and now more is moving in. Yes the sun changes your mood, but the cold makes my body ache even with the sun out!

  5. Tes we only get the sun limited days here too! Even when it is bitter cold it does my soul good to see the sun!It will return again!Then our spirits will be lifted! Hugs, Traci

  6. I hear ya, girlfriend! Hang in there! ♥

  7. Oh yes, it has been a blizzard here for the whole weekend!!! Hope you don't suffer from SAD, cause I don't know when the sun is going to come back!!! Big hugs to you and hopefully you are feeling be soon.
    Margaret B

  8. Hi Stefanie, Boy do I know just how you feel!! Drab and dreary!! We have snow on the way today, which always makes it better.... bright and happy!
    Oh I am jealous about the Hobby Lobby, we don't have them either, it's exciting to know they are making new stores, eevryone rants about them!
    Wishing you bright blue skies:-)