Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow, Hobby Lobby is BIG!!!! and soooooo many fun things,
but, I was so good.  They don't have clearance yet, but lots of sales...

some valentines cupcake liners, one was from JoAnns, which is across the street...

and some other fun things!!!
I will definitly be back!!!
My kids just went back to school from the Christmas vacation, looks like hoarders here!!!!
so you know what I will be doing today!
have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Yay You went!! Fun Fun Fun!!

  2. Yay Hobby Lobby!! I never had one when we lived in Cali. When we moved here my eyes were opened! It is an awesome store and you have to love they have 50% off various things every week! Have fun cleaning! I did that yesterday! Hugs, Traci

  3. Oh My Stefanie ..I'm Green ... I love Hobby Lobby ..when we moved back out here to CA that was one place I really missed ..so wish we were closer to it !

    I bet you had so much fun ..Hobby Lobby is like no other art store !

    I love that it is Christian owned and they close on Sundays so there employees can go to church or spend it with their families or both ..LOL !

    What a Great Co. to support.

    Have fun with those new cupcake liners ..


  4. You lucky girl!!! I wish I had one of these near me!!! Love all your goodies!


  5. Oh yes....Hobby Lobby....my home away from home :)
    Glad you had a good time shopping!

  6. You lucky duck!! I've never been to one but everyone from blogville find such fun things these!

  7. no hobby lobby here. it sounds fabulous.

    love your hoarders joke. this weekend it's all about "pressing the re-set button" on this place! LOL


  8. Since u are not familiar with Hobby Lobby, they have the same things 50% off every other week. Like knobs, they have the best, scrap paper, metal stuff , candles ,etc... So if ya need any of that just wait a week and it will be back on sale. I have one 15 minutes from me. Already been this week. It's very addictive. Have fun! Oh and they are closed on Sunday here. judy in Texas