Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lavender & white...

I love lavender, I have ten plants now and the just grow soooo good!!!!...but I just saw Lowes got there big pots of lavender in, and yesterday was payday, so you now where I will be...

I also made some little faux cakes with lavender...

and a larger one too!
soooo, how many lavender plants is to much?


  1. Mmmmm they look good enough to eat .. don't you just love the smell of lavender and I would plant my whole garden with it... could you email when you sent the necklace i mislayed your email I still can't believe I won one thanks again Hugs wendy


  2. I love your little cakes...used to have a lovely faux cake and I tripped and fell with it and of course I cried because I destroyed the cake. I didn't care that I had a big gash on my!

    I can't wait to see your lavender from Lowes!

    Deanna :D

  3. Lavender is so easy to grow isn't it? I think I can only grow lavender and roses...well, my camillas are doing well too. I will be planting some lavender this spring too. I will have to make a trip to Lowes too!

  4. I say you can never have too many! They smell heavenly when the sun shines on them. Your cakes are adorable. I want to eat one!

  5. Oh, now I have to go buy a lavender plant, the faux cakes are great. susan

  6. I just finished shopping in your buttercream and sparkles store! I love it I'm so into all the fake foods, I like buying them and making them ...I bought a few things from you before, I love the perfume bottles I purchased and the pink candy corn so nice to your new sweet shop....Jennifer

  7. Oh sweetie your faux cakes look DEELISH! I adore the smell of lavender...soooo soothing.

  8. Oh Steph they are gorgeous! All my plants died off, I think the winters are too harsh here... or it is me
    Have a wonderful day