Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Do you start your seeds inside?

I love it!!!

its so easy...

I buy these little starter trays, that our available everywhere, they come with the little dirt pouches, just add your favorite seeds and wait...
it is exciting to see them grow everyday,
and so inexpensive to start your plants this way!!!
ok, so go start your garden!

these sweet seed are going to grow into beautiful delphiniums.

I am joining these parties


  1. Yes, we have done this. I have some lettuce I could just sow it outside now. Love the see little seed sprouts!

  2. I love this! Reminds me of planting beans with the kindergarten students I used to teach. They would get so excited to see a sprout and I did too. Still do! Happy Spring!

  3. These are so cute! I have never started plants from seeds but I did work at a greenhouse and planted theirs ;-) Does that count? Pamela

  4. I'd love to BUT I have 3 very active kitties that think anything green is theirs to eat & I mean anything!!
    I can remember using milk cartons in grade school to start seeds..... memories!!
    Have A Happy Day!

  5. I do:) Love to start everything from seeds~ I've got a bunch of lavender started! I use the plastic trays that the grocery stores package meat in...just wash them out and poke holes in the bottom. I'm forever recycling! lol!
    happy spring stefanie!

  6. your seeds look like spring is coming. warm wishes and a nice week! di

  7. gorgeous pictures! i love the rustic quality of the little planters

  8. So cute!! I have no room to start seeds unfortunately. And we won't be planting anything around here soon. Come see why! LOL!!


  9. Love love your little seedlings and the candle chippy goodness from the previous post ohhh lala. Have a wonderful week!

    warm wishes

  10. your little buds will be one of the prettiest flowers around-LOVE delphiniums & love these sweet little starters. :) chris

  11. Yup I been using these (love them) and anything else I can lay my hands on this yr to put seeds in...Hoping to plant 4 more 10 hole trays over the next couple of days...Chives, lettuce, lavender and have not decided on which packet of flowers for the 4th one yet.

  12. I love your new banner! Adorable!

  13. I should start my seeds inside, but I just wait until I can buy the plants then plant outside when it is warm enough.

  14. If I lived somewhere warmer I would surely do this, but since it takes forever to get warm here I just go for big plants and instant gratification. I love delphiniums, you'll have a whole bunch and it's going to be gorgeous :)