Thursday, January 5, 2012


well another big moment here...
got his drivers license yesterday, so now he can drive himself to school....

oh, I know what you are thinking,,,,
this will be easier on you, he can have more freedom...ect..ect..
but all I see is my baby growing up!!!!!
ok, off to feel sorry for myself!!!!
I got a gift card for Target!


  1. Oh Yeah .... Been there, done that, twice. Now mine are in their early 40's & take it from me. It will all work out!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  2. awwww, when my oldest first got her license the first thing I thought as she was driving away was. "please god don't let her hit anything expensive and let her swerve away from the BMW's if she is going to" haha Oh I am a bad mother!

  3. They do grow up so fast and know exactly what you are saying.
    Happy New Year, to you and your family.


  4. Oh, I have been there! No falling asleep until you hear the car pull in the driveway...Oh, and don't watch the news, you will panic if he is not home and you hear of an accident, even if it is 200 miles away, Oh but this too shall pass and you will relax, of course we NEVER quit worrying!


  5. Oh Stefanie, I so feel you on this one! My 15 yr old has been bugging me to teach him how to drive...of course the thought of getting in a car with a teenager kind of stresses me out! lol So I let the hubby handle it. And before you know it, he will be just like your son...driving around with his official license!!!! Congrats to him, btw! Oh well, what can we do. They do grow up fast! :)


  6. Oh I remember the day Geek Son got his drivers license. I gladly handed over the keys to Mom's Taxi Service to him and let him drive himself and his sis, Social Butterfly to activities.

    Of course, farm kids drive almost as soon as the master walkin'. He'd been 'round the block (or the Ponderosa) a few times.

    It'll be right sweetie.

    God bless and enjoy your weekend!!! :o)

  7. Been there...and even with the pride I felt I was a sappy mess when my kids got their driver's licenses. Brandon is going to be 30 next month. WHAT? I'm 30. Aren't I?


    Happy new Year friend. xoRebecca

  8. This is such a joyous time for kids, but for moms it can be a real eye-opener. Your boy is becoming a man! Such a life-turning event. andrea@townandprairie

  9. You know I LOVE feeling sorry for myself at Target ;)
    Congrats to your boy!
    Hugs, Lisa