Tuesday, February 26, 2013

help, please...

oh, I need your advice...

do you see this!!!
love at first site!!!!!!
had to have it, bought it, have now idea where it is going to fit!!!!!

then came across this later the same day!
oh, I didn't do that at all...

now you know why I fell in love!!!
I have slid it all over my house and it doesn't fit anywhere but in my living room...
here is where I need your help,
should I keep it here? does it look good, or am I just wishing?

this is looking in from my front door,
before hutch...

after hutch...

before hutch...

and after,
I would probably take down the pictures, maybe add something, like a vintage mirror,
I would really appreciate your advice...

I am joining these parties...
Iron Stone Nest, Transformation Tuesday's
Knick of Time, Tuesday's

Savvy Southern Style's, Wow Us Wednesday's
Ivy and Elephant's, What's It Wednesday's 
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen's, Share your cup Thursday's

 The Shabby Creek Cottage's. Trasnsformation Thursday'

French Country's Feathered Nest Friday's
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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating's Flaunt it Fridays
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  1. I think it's the perfect place from what I can see...It's wonderful..and seems to fit right in your place...I love the color of it...with love Janice

  2. OMG!!! So gorgeous! It's a rule breaker alright! Looks fantastic there, but you might need a little more clearance. Who cares? You could put it anywhere! Score!

  3. Bingo, it was made to be there. I would leave the pictures like they are! Have a nice day!

  4. totally keep it there (at least for awhile) i imagine it will grow on you especially once you get it filled up with goodies) maybe some aqua mason jars, silver and ironstone? how could you go wrong...serious score on this piece! sooo jealous (in the nicest way possible)!


  5. Keep it there! But put back up the 3rd plate on both sides, above the lower and most outter plate so you are making a kind of triangle with them. Then get a tall plant to put on one side, the side that would be seen from entering a main door. And finaly take some gorgious vintage wallpater (I know you have some) and line the inside so it isn't so dark. That is totally drawing the eye away from all the wonderfulness of the piece.

    Great find, I am jelous!

  6. I love this! Leave it there! You could paint the inside...decoupage old paper pages, etc.,
    well, this is to die for! Live with it for awhile, and you will know what to do with it...
    lucky you found it.

    Peace and Blessings,

  7. I thniks it look perfect there...i might add a pretty wreath or picture on the side that you see when you enter for somthing fun and unexpected.
    Blessings, Lorena

  8. I love the look before the hutch, perhaps there is a new place you can put it? I love the decorations on the wall and your 'vintage look'.

  9. What a cool chippy piece!Oh yeah I would have taken it too!I think it looks great there!From either view it is perfection!

  10. Love this piece! I like it there, I just adore your wallpaper too OMG!! That is just what I am looking for, for my dining room! I am going to send you an e-mail!!


  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabinet!!! Yes, I would keep it right there. It is wonderful in all of its chippy glory!

  12. I love the hutch there. It gives the room some textural interest, which is not a bad thing. I say leave it.

  13. Oh yea, that's the spot!! And great ideas to lighten the inside of it...Wow, that's a great piece!!! I wish my house was as large as yours!!! I never can purchase furniture!
    Love that pink planky goodness there. You will have it all decorated within the week I'm sure. It's truly beautiful and that's a really wonderful spot for it!!

  14. Before I even scrolled down, I was screaming, "Keep it, keep it,and
    put it under the photos." That's exactly what you did and it is fabbbbuuuuulouuuus!" Perfect. Enjoy right where it is!

  15. I love it!!! I would definitely keep it. If you find it doesn't work you can always sell it later, right?

  16. Christopher Lowell (I used to watch his decorating show) always said to leave 18-inches for pass throughs. I believe you have that. It looks lovely in that spot. Personally, I wouldn't spend a lot of time figuring out what to hang on the wall behind until I figured out what treasures could be displayed on the top of the cupboard. You're going to have fun with it.

  17. I like it where it is-I think you have enough get-around space and it's not a big heavy piece so it fits great.

  18. Love it too. You have to keep it there. It`s gorgeous.


  19. Just wondering: have you tried your bathroom? Sure could be cool holding folded towels and baskets of toiletries - ?

    Or have you thought outside the box and considered laying it on its SIDE as a coffee table with baskets inside?

    It's awesome - but I don't love it there because it interrupts traffic flow in that make-shift hall space.........you could always sell it for a nice profit, too. Just a thought.

    Good luck, I see, though why you bought it, it is chippy heaven!!

  20. YES, YES, YES, it looks beautiful on that wall! Fabulous piece that needs to show off, and it does just that where you've placed it. LOVE it!!!
    Mary Alice

  21. I think the piece looks great in that spot and it is a beautiful piece!! As long as you have ample room to pass by I'd say you found a great spot!!!

  22. Not a bad spot at all! It could surely live there.

  23. if you leave it there, it interupts the traffice pattern. in order to accommodate it, move the couch further into the room. also add something on each size of it to make a smoother transition. the only thing that comes to mind is topiaries, but not topiaries. the things you need should not be as deep, but rather a way to make a graceful line in the path, and not abrupt as it is now. love the piece. if you love it, you will find a way for your house to live with it.

  24. oh I see why the love...my hubs would say no...too crowded...but sometimes beauty has its price!

  25. looks great there....and I totally agree with Caroline, lighter inside, and plant on top...

    If you d o not have much other shabby stuff in there, and that is why you think it may be out of place, just bring a bit more shabby in.
    You have a wonderful eye, just trust yourself. =)
    (talking to myself about trusting too.)

  26. keep it! It looks beautiful right there....

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