Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pink Saturday...

Okay, my kids and I went to the grocery store, I took my camera in because it was 101 outside and I didn't want to leave it in the heat...well they started making fun of me, "what is the camera for, Pink Saturday? Ha Ha"...well, why not. They say you probably can't find that much pink stuff...I am up for the challenge...well there is alot of pink items, so they start changing the rules, the rules are a meal from pink... here it is...
some spaghetti...
some drink...

and dessert....I WIN!!!! LOL
Make sure to visit all the pink posts this Saturday and thank you to Beverly for hosting.


  1. how going on a pink scavenger hunt!
    have a wonderful weekend~

  2. That was fun! Thank you. There is pink everywhere!

  3. Oh well done you! Super great pinks!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Excellent job! There are definitely pinks in the grocery store. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Too cute! I love this.
    My family picks on me for my addiction to the camera. Warren took it with him I hope I don't see just the perfect "shot".

    Fun meal idea. I like the cake the best.

    Becky K.

  6. What a sweet Pink Saturday blog post! Sadly, every Saturday for the past few weeks it has been raining in northern Michigan. So, this day always brings a little sunshine my way. Thanks so much for the treat!

    ♥Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend♥

  7. oh yes! I think you could eat pink in your diet every day! Happy Pink Saturday! Love, Dana and Daisy

  8. Hi, Stefanie,
    Cute post! Can I join you for dinner? Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit at Bunny Cottage. Have a blessed weekend.

  9. I love that you found these pink things in the grocery store, especially the pink cake! I hate grocery shopping, unless it's a produce store...too many choices! I wonder...hmmm...if I just buy things that are pink, I might enjoy it more! Great post!!!


  10. isn't it so funny how even our kids know about our blog habits and parties? my boys are always pointing out pink things to me. my oldest likes how i "shabbify" things.

    happy pink saturday!


    hope you picked up more cute TP!

  11. What a great pink post! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend.


  12. Happy PS, Stefanie! Looks like the making of a fabulous feast in pink! The cake is scrumptious!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  13. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This is such a delicious pink post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  14. Sigh... When WILL they ever learn?... The Mommies ALWAYS win!!... I mean, COME ON!.. Even the DADDIES know THAT! (0; Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  15. Doesn't everyone carry a camera wherever they go:-). You can never tell when you might see something to snap. I love your choices for Pink Saturday. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  16. Great pink post! Have a lovely Sunday x

  17. I use to hear my son's friends saying "Jay, your mom is taking pictures of dinner!" and he would answer back "it's for her blog!" heeheehee

  18. Happy Pink Saturday! You make grocery shopping fun! Love the post!

  19. What a cute post..I like the looks of that pink cake..(kinda wish I had a slice :) ). Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend.

  20. Spaghetti in a pink box - haven't seen one yet. By far my fave is the cake! Yum! :-)