Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Sad...

School started today....
annual picture for first day of school...
and their off...
It's so sad another year that will fly by... I guess I will clean the kitchen and maybe go treasure hunting. It is so fast how each year they grow.


  1. Ahhh, brings back memories.. every year my mom insisted we all go to the end of our sidewalk on the first day of school and wave goodbye! I don't think she was as sad as you. LOL!

  2. My dental hygeinist (who never had kids) mentioned to me once that a patient of hers that was a stay-at-home mom - it had impressed her that when her kids started back to school the mother was always saddened instead of rejoicing - I never forgot that and I always tried to enjoy my kids during the summer and not let them think I was happy to see them go.

  3. I'm loving the geometrics on your kids. It takes confidence to pull that look off. Good for them. Fantastic post.

  4. I love how every year you can see the growth from previous years!! I have done this from the beginning and will always treasure the memories!!
    Your little tykes are adorable!!

  5. Great Post Stefanie!

    I think my mom was more than pleased when all four of us went back to school! Have fun treasure hunting, I always look forward to seeing your new treasures!


  6. Great pictures! Well, about a week ago I was sad that my kids were going back to school so early and now...I can't wait until Aug. 12th!!! I love them dearly, but I am tired :S

  7. I know the first day of school already!!
    It does just fly by.
    Hope you found some treasures.
    About my new sink,the new one is the white one. The old one had to be broken out with a hammer to get it out.
    Just thought you would like to know that.

  8. And they all look happy to be going back to school...isn't that great. What cute kids they all are!

  9. i can't believe how early school is starting these days!!
    ugh...i remember the butterflies in my stomach on those first days of school. i hope your children have really good times {{but not so good that they forget to study}} ;)
    it does go ever so fast!!

  10. These are the fun years! Enjoy the moment(s)!
    xo Roberta

  11. Ahhh.....isn't that cute? I always took a picture of my daughter on the front porch on the first day of school too. They always look so anxious and cute, don't they? I hated that day and usually cried most of the day. It's such a reminder of time flying by. My girl's 38 now......and taking pix of her little guy on the front porch.

    Have a wonderful weekend!