Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well I had to turn the heater on for the first time, just to take the chill off...
love this fall sky...
our oranges are about ready to be picked...
the garden is still giving a beautiful show...

I will miss you...
well I am off...we were in a town about 20 minutes away this last weekend and drove by a fruit stand, well they had a big bin of white pumpkins...I think I will go get a few and definitely save the seeds and plant my own. I also want to check out a couple of thrift stores I spotted, wish me luck, have a fun day.


  1. Oh Stefanie!
    Have a wonderful time today. I know you will be sharing with pics. Can't wait to see what you buy today.

    Your Fall sky was awesome. It is cooler here in Phoenix today also, but I am so loving it. It is probably the tail end of what Colorado is getting. It is supposed to be back in the upper 80's tomorrow. It never stays cool for long.

    Have a wonderful time picking out a pumpkin sweetie. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  2. Isn't the cool weather wonderful! I used the fireplace for the first time last night and snuggled up in my favorite blanket. Your garden is spectacular, have fun shopping and I'm sure you'll find lots of treasures!!

    Thank you so much sweet friend for your kind words and well wishes!

    Love and hugs,

  3. We've had the heat on in fits and start here for a while. We're trying to keep it off as much as possible - heating oil can get expensive! My garden is pretty much gone for the winter. I miss it!

  4. Heating oil is oil that is used to run a furnace or a boiler. Out East it is the dominant way of heating your home. Every house has a tank where the oil is stored from which its pumped into the furnace/boiler. I was amazed when we moved out here that so many houses are heated this way - both old and new. So when gas prices go up, so does the price of heating oil.

    I grew up with a gas furnace, so this was all new to me. And when I lived in CA - I just had a electric heater in the wall.


  5. Your roses are lovely. Mine is still blooming...I think it refuses to accept that its winter nap is coming soon.

  6. Hi Stefanie,

    Love your pretty flowers and the oranges on the tree.
    Have a wonderful time away and we look forward to hearing about it when you can, good luck!
    Many thanks for visiting me and your kind words.


  7. Your garden is so pretty! Have a sweet day!

  8. Brrrrr, it was cold here, too!
    Thank you so much for posting on my giveaway. Best of luck and best of everything, sweet friend!

  9. Your garden is so lovely... especially when our's here in MI are down to mums. I hope you have/had a great time on your outing.