Friday, October 30, 2009


Well here they are, my two white pumkins I finally found. There wasn't a great selection, and they were only $1.99 ea. so these are the lucky guys to find a new home.
My thrift shop hopping was a dud...but I went to a gorgeous store, with the best name...
La Vintage Rue, which is located in Porterville, Ca.
I wish I could show you the whole store, its in an old building with old wood floors and brick walls...
love this look...
I bought the jar here on the desk, it was filled with old brown buttons...

and I purchased that little rusty bird cage...oh I wanted more, but you know...need more
she had alot of browns which made me more excited to paint my room, the problem I am having now is, have you seen how many browns are out there, I have nineteen right now, its a hard decision. Hope you are having a great Friday, see you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Stefanie....I love the white pumpkins and yours look spectacular in the the basket on the bike....I have a bike I use to decorate and didn't get around to it this fall.....we have not had really great pumpkins, here, this year. It has been a cool and wet spring and summer and now fall and that affected them.

    Your thrift shop hopping might have been a dud, but that is a marvelous shop...look at all those old suit cases to repurpose...I have been itching to do one, but with it cold and wet now, there will be no more spray painting 'til Spring! lol!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.....those little squirrels are something else here, in Michigan! I thought they were so cute when we first got here and how I shoo them away....I shoo them away, but feed them in the winter. My hubby just shakes his head. I tell him I can't let them starve...pesty as they are!

  2. Love those white pumpkins..and your finds are wonderful. I love looking through sweet shops like the one you found.

  3. Hi Sweet Friend!

    Your pumpkins are lovely and what a gorgeous photo! La Vintage Rue looks amazing! Have a lovely weekend.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Hey doll,
    Gorfeous pics. that store looks amazing!!!
    have a happy halloween

  5. Nifty suitcases! Love all your photos!

  6. Hi Stefanie,
    Oh that shop looks wonderful! I love the desk with the cubbys and the chair. Would've had to pull me out of that shop.
    Happy Halloween!
    Have a fun weekend!
    Mary :)

  7. Hi Stefanie!
    I wanted some white pumpkins so bad this year too and never even got any, lol!
    That store looks fabulous!! WOW! I see so many things I want there, lol! I love what you bought too!!

  8. Glad you found some white pumpkins!!! Enjoyed the shopping trip. Love those vintage cameras.

  9. That store looks wonderful. I bet I could find a lot of great things I would want as well. Love your white pumpkins!!!

  10. Hi, love your pumpkins. I also wanted to say that there is a black hanging light in your picture is just like the one I'm getting from Gardener Village. Also I absolutely love and want that cloces. Wonderful blog.


  11. Stefanie, wonderful pumpkins in a basket. Thanks for stopping by today. Wishing you a wonderful Halloween.


  12. Oh lucky you! I only found $8 really big ones. Yours are great!
    Happy Halloween!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. I love that store!!! My inlaws are in Pville, and it's always a must to stop by for a peek!

  14. hi stefanie,

    great pic of the pumpkins in the bicycle basket.

    tell us about all of the browns! how will you decide? it's all part of the fun. right? :)


  15. gorgeous post!! Love the white pumpkins!! I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!! Huge hugs!! Britt :-)

  16. Hello Stefanie. Gorgeous pumpkin.
    Great shop here.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  17. Hi Stefanie,
    That store is to die for gorgeous! Amazing photographs. Love the buttons and the birdcage that went home with you.
    I can imagine there are probably as many brown colors out there as whites! Can be quite confusing at times. lol
    Happy Halloween!

  18. Mmmmmmmmmm...........oh.........that little shop is tooooo cute. It's probably a good thing that I live a gazillion miles away. It could cause me some trouble! And, now that I own my very own shopping cart? Whew...things could get ugly! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet gal!