Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pink Saturday...

Wow, I am late posting...I was feeling a little congested last night so I took medicine and woke up about 5 this morning and took some more Tylenol night time....well, was I out I just woke up...9:30 whew that stuff is
I wanted to show how my pink roses are doing...
they are blooming away...
look at all those buds...
I will have roses until mid them!
I've been working on some Christmas goodies, faux pink candy canes and peppermints.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you Beverly for hosting such a beautiful thing.


  1. I just love thoe faux pink candy canes and candy!!! Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful PiNk SaTuRdAy and I hope you're feeling better real soon!


  2. I'm very envious of your flowers at this time of year. And, your faux candy looks yummy. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Enjoy the roses, Stefanie! Our roses are gone for the winter...always makes me a bit melancholy. Did I mention how much I like your new banner? Perfect! Happy PS!

  4. Hello Stefanie. Those are pretty!
    Happy PS and nice weekend.
    "My Pink Saturday Post Here"

  5. Hi Stefanie,

    Your pink roses are so pretty, my favourite colour of the rose.
    Your garden must be very beautiful and fragrant.
    The candy cane and peppermints look delicous.

    I hope that you are feeling better and must have been great having the sleep in.
    Enjoy your weekend


  6. Oh I want some pink candies!!! They are just what I need!!
    The roses are lovely!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. I love the delicate pinks you chose to share with us today. I hope you are enjoying Pink Saturday.

  8. It sounds like the meds did the job! Your little candies are so cute! I never use pink for Christmas, but I should, I love it!

  9. Hi Stefanie,
    Love your pink roses. And how cute are your pink and white candies...what do you make them out of? They look so pretty with all the glitter. LOVE THE GLITTER! Have a wonderful Saturday. Until next time.


  10. ooo so pretty..
    Happy Pink Saturday

  11. Oh yes, tylenol is great! Hope you are feeling better. I am jealous of your gorgeous roses. they are my favorite, can you tell? lol Love the cute pink oprnaments too!


  12. Hi Stephine; I hope you are feeling better.. Your Roses are just beautiful.. and the Pink Christmas
    candy is so sweet..... have a great weekend..


  13. The roses are stunning! My rose garden is my sanity LOL. The pink Christmas candy it just yummy I would love to get some for my daughters tree, hmmmmm.... Have a lovely pink saturday!

  14. Hello, Stefanie,
    I love your pretty pink roses (one of my weaknesses). I live in Texas and my roses will bloom up into November, too. Thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. Happy Pink Saturday and blessings to you. Vicki

  15. Such pretty roses! And are those Forget Me Nots I see?

    Cute candies! ♥

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, Stefanie. I hope you are feeling much better today.

    Your pink roses are gorgeous. I miss mine so much during the winter, but it does provide sweet anticipation of what is to come.

  17. Thanks for visiting my page. Hope your feeling better! I love your roses SO pretty! And your candy canes are SOOO cute!!!

  18. Such pretty roses. Iove roses! Also your decoration are great! I love the shine on them! Hope you are having a great weekend

  19. Hi Stefanie~

    Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my Blog. I am now following you also :)

    I am loving my faux candy corn I purchased from you and know I will HAVE to have some of Christmas goodies you are making.

    These are beautiful pink roses!


  20. Hi there!!
    Thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway! GOOD LUCK!!!
    Please let me know if you post a link or follow and will add more entries in for you!
    Love your blog and those pink candy canes...just gorgeous!!
    Annie xx

  21. Love your gorgeous roses..and your faux candy is so sweet. I really like it..Happy Pinks and have a wonderful week.

  22. Hi Stefanie, I love that stuff when you aren't feeling well, the downside is you'll be knocked on your fanny!!! Your roses are beautiful. I am waiting for a second growth too. I hope it happens before long. Your faux candy is fantastic, I love the little round ones, they look so real, Happy Pink Saturday girlfriend, Char

  23. Gorgeous flowers and your faux goodies are fabulous. I have a terrible cold, first time I've been out of bed since Friday...hope you're feeling better.


  24. Oh Stephanie....

    I LOVE your pink candies! They just don't make pink candy canes for we non-red gals... Those are perfection.

    My yummy package arrived safe and sound on Saturday! I'm thrilled....and my daughter is green. Can't wait to start the Christmas decorating. It's so cozy and lovely, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful week and thank you again for my sweet pressie!