Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok, I have a problem...if I go to a store and there are these paint samples...

I am grabbing them up!!  Why, don't know, its not like I am going to paint all the colors I bring home...oh, and this is just a small sample of them...

I love the greens...

and the it just because I am a dreamer or is it just the thrifter in me...well, they are free...haha...don't know, just wondering if anyone else does this.
Well I changed my blog background again, its Spring, and it makes you want to change.  Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I am so glad to know someone else does this. I love paint chips....just something about the colors and it helps me dream I guess! My DH thinks i'm a little crazy but well they are free!

  2. Oh, I think you are an addict and you need therapy right away!! Do they have a name for that disorder? You may need paint chip anonymous, Char

  3. hi Stef,
    Ooohhh hahaha .. We all have our addicitions... yours is rather sweet, and not harmful .. soo you go girl .. I think it's fun too .. It's the creative part in us ..always thinking always dreaming .. keeps our life exciting .. LoVe the colors you have chosen .. Verysoft and dreamy !! hoping you have a wonderful Spring day ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  4. Oh dear, not you too!?!?! "She" does that....purrhaps I need to sign all of you up with PaintChipHoarders Anon.....One year for Christmas that's what she asked for as a Christmas present. Wanted to do it honestly you know - buy one of those paint collections that they sell to painters or decorators. Well Dad went to Lowes and they didn't have one for people to buy. So (you see what's coming don't you?) Dad stood there for some time and collected one of EVERY SINGLE color! No joke. If you want to see it, I would be happy to post it online. I'm not joking about this! Can you believe they didn't kick him out of the store?! I think he told them at Lowe's that if he didn't bring it home, "she" wouldn't let him back in the house. Now that I'm believing ;)


  5. You can do various artwork with them if you have rubber stamps or whatever. Same with the formica chips. I've made dolls from the formica chips.

  6. I'm lovin' those pink paint samples!!!! :)

  7. Sometimes when I do this too I feel guilty...LOL!! I just can't help myself!! I just fall in love with some of the colors!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!!

  8. Yep - I love paint samples too and I was so excited when the "scrappin scene" started using them - I had a bunch! I love to dream, but will probably keep my wall colors the same for a long time.

  9. Yes I admit I also collect paint chip them and incorporate them in many artistic endeavors!!
    Love ya!! Susan

  10. The promise of paint samples is the only way to keep our youngest happy at Home Depot. I love looking at them, too. Love the previous post with your kitty and pink chicks! I tried leaving a comment there, but got an "error."

  11. I've been known to have a few paint chips hanging around my house too! You never know when you are going to need to match a color :-)

  12. I have to admit to being a bit guilty about doing that too on occasion. There is just something so irresistable about those free little paint color cards when they are displayed in such a lovely rainbow of colors.

  13. I'm with you love the colors It Is a rainbow Laura Q

  14. Your blog looks lovely! I too love these samples! I made some cute little tags out of some of them! Enjoy!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. your blog looks very pretty!!! i love the colors and roses. (no surprise there! LOL)

    yes, paint chips can really stack up. i always hang on to the ones i've actually had mixed into paint, too.

    paint is fun. painting - not so fun.


  16. Hi Stefani,

    Love the new Spring look to your blog.
    No you are not the only one that does that, I love getting samples and planning my next paint job.

    Enjoy your week

  17. Love the background and the header, very cute!
    As for the paint chips I always bring a ton home, some people use them in scrapbooking and paper crafts....have a nice week stefanie

  18. Do the guys at the paint store try to protect the paint samples when they see you coming or do you switch up stores so as not to be so conspicuous? HA! I might have to go pick up some this afternoon just for the thrill of it. My cousin has taken samples from Home Depot for counters and such and uses them to make bookmarks and tags. Pretty sturdy stuff and FREE! I love your pink little peeps! They are just the cutest ever. Have a great week. :) Tammy

  19. Hi...your blog looks so beautiful! Love the change. I used paint chips to put under the glass on my daughter's vanity, almost like a mosaic!

  20. i do the same thing. they're just so happy!

  21. Ok I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this addiction! So want to know one of my favorite projects for them? LABELS! YUMMY! Beautiful Colors and organized? YES! :) I use a punch to punch out of the paint chip and then my p-touch labeler to right it and done.