Monday, March 29, 2010


I love Easter eggs, especially the pastels...

this is a sweet idea...

eggs used in your tablescape...

in jars...

in bowls.  I love how you can use eggs all year for decorating.  All these gorgeous pictures are from Country Living.


  1. Lovely eggdeas! Love those pink ones in the second photo.. so pretty with the setting.

  2. Can't see your pics, or even your Header pic. Guess those who came early on Mar. 29th, got to see pics. But Blogger is now having a problem with showing pics. Even with showing Header pics.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I agree that eggs make for a wonderful decoration.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely inspiration. Hope your week is off to fabulous start!


  5. Lovely eggs! They are super fun!
    Happy Spring!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Such pretty ideas. I bet if someone from 200 years ago saw us decorating with a vase of rocks or a bowl of eggs they would think we were crazy!

  7. Stefanie amor, I love pastel eggs too, although I must admit...being the gaudy girl that I am lol I was so tempted to buy this stuff to make metalic gold eggs...can you just see it :) all that work for something I am gonna just crack and eat :)You know I am loving all these adventures that your lil peeps in your header are having, everytime I visit they are pictured in a new place...what an exciting life :) I love how you change the look of your blog as it suits you, I wish I was adventurous like that :) I still think I am on the wrong blog when I go on it lol But I love that it makes me smile when I realize that it is in fact my blog and I am so glad that you and everyone seems to like it too :) Hope you have a wonderful week! Besos, Rose

  8. These pictures are lovely! and really good ideas.

  9. All great ideas, for sure! I love pastel Easter Eggs, too. I have a friend who has chickens that lay eggs in soft greens, peach, brown. They're all different colors, but naturally! Love that! Makes me wish I could have chickens where I live.
    Patricia :o)

  10. I would have never thought about using eggs to decorate that way, but they are really pretty. Your sweet vintage baby shoes that I can see as I am typing remind me of a pair I had when my son was little. Enjoy your evening.