Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With the warmer weather, I am sure everyone is dreaming of Spring clothes...well I am one of them...but, of course I am trying to loose weight (what else is new...lol) so to motivate me, I have been looking at things I would love to wear...

I am in love with this blouse...

and would love to wear all the peasant skirts...so I have been really good, its not like I eat tons of food, its just I don't eat and then when I am hungry I pick the worst stuff like chips...sooooo yesterday I was doing a client...oh, yeah, I never told you that I am a hairdresser...anyhoo, as I was walking her out, my daughter comes outside...(my shop is at my house) and says "Hi"...

she says "hi" and then....tells her " I have known your mom for along time, back when she was skinny"....aghhhhhh, I can't believe she said that, ok, to think it...but....oh well...


  1. Ok....you never said you were a stylist too! You are sooo busy and you do it all so well.

    I cannot believe that remark....sure she meant nothing by it......what did you say?

    Loving this weather aren't you :)

  2. Oh dear! Keep looking at those cute clothes! ☺

  3. As they say, "Out of the mouths of babes!" Love the photo of the little girl. Gotta Run. The pics came through on the second email. I'll be in tuch.

  4. Hmmmmm not a good thing to say about your HAIRDRESSER! When is she coming in next?!? Oops, I thought you said you wanted it pink!?!

    Darling blouse!


  5. That was rude and ugly...she should take lessons oh how to become a lady.

  6. Arghhhhhhhh, those random remarks. :-(

  7. I agree with Marsha....pink or blue??? ;)

    sheeesh...I cannot imagine saying that to someone....I'm so sorry & if I were there I'd give you a {{{big hug}}}! I know...I wish I were a size 6 again...maybe someday huh? ok fine, I'll settle for even an 8 or 10...

    Thanks so much for coming by today! I love your blog! Can't wait to check out your store! Off to browse...


  8. I love the blouse too!! I just ordered a really cute white ruffle skirt from Old Navy today (elastic waist)and some cute flats from Piper Lime...Girl, I am all about some comfort! I am trying to watch what I am eating too but it's sooooooooo hard!


  9. Some people just don't have tact. I'd take a few extra inches off her hair the next time she comes in! ;-)


  10. I love that pink top and the peasant skirt.
    I bet you would look good in them right now!
    Forget what other people have to say, you are a beautiful in everyway.


  11. Lovely blouse. Oh, I hope that just was a slip of the tongue on her part. Yikes!

  12. I am a hair dresser too! Not a working one nowadays though! Retired altogether from working!

    I think some people need lessons on how to have better conversations with their hair stylist!

    I really love your pink top and pheasant skirt! It'll be time to wear them before we know!! As fast as time goes by nowadays, that's for sure!


  13. adorable blouse and skirt! I am also just itching to get into some fun Spring clothes. **sigh** Shouldn't be long now...

  14. Another Hairdresser Here! Love that top...do you mind telling where its from?

  15. Now THAT wasn't very nice! It's all downhill from 25! You have to work at it, at least I do. This from someone who was ALWAYS on the too skinny side. Ah, the joys of getting older!

  16. Good thing you still didn't have the scissors in your hand!!!

  17. I think so many people speak before they think. I have had two people (different times) say something like that. I have spent most of my life being bone skinny, but it came on my slowly. I met a friend hadn't seen in a long time say "Wow you have gotten so fat" I weighed 125 at the time, but I'm 5'3 and it comes around my middle. Another time a neighbor (man) said "I didn't know who you were at first, you got so fat" I was 130 at that time. Get the picture? All these compliments were terrible depressing, but it did make me lose. Everytime I wanted to eat something off my diet, I would remember what they said and how they said it. It helped me through it, but the hurt is still there when I remember it.

  18. I love the outfits that you found for inspiration...I would love that top...with sleeves lol I HATE my flabby arms...I have been a biggun (2 of the me I am now) as my friend once called me and I have been tiny (for me) and I am about 20 lbs heavier right now than I would like...but in my defense I just can't give up chocolate no matter how hard I try lol and at all sizes that I have been I ALWAYS found something with me that I hated...I wonder does that ever change? :) My mama bless her...when she says "you look so good, you look healthy" I have learned is her code for "your starting to chunk up again lol but at least now she says it so nice...as a child it was so different, but in those days..people thought that they were helping you by being mean and telling you your faults because it would make you want to change them...although with me, just made me eat a few more cookies lol Besos, Rose