Friday, June 4, 2010

All done...

Well my middle son graduated 8th grade last night...sigh, went by toooooo fast...

being picked up from school in this gorgeous vintage Camero.  A tradition my husband started with my older son...I think he drooled on the

waiting his turn...

big brother and friends Waiting there turn....see the scowl from my step-brother (who really has forgotten how to have fun!)

ok, I got teary eyed...

here is the sign behind the field.  The high school graduates tonight and the Valedictorion doesn't believe in God so she didn't want to hear a prayer before her speech.  Well she protested...a tradition our little school has done for 100 years, and she won.  Its a law, and our school was threatened with lawsuits.  So students put this sign up and who knows what will happen tonight.  But no one said the Jr. High couldn't we had a nice blessing.


  1. Oh, Stefanie, I would gut sob at graduation! My son just turned 21, and it is yet another milestone. Thankfully, we have so much more to see as they grow up.

    Congrats to son and family!

  2. Graduations choke me up, too and I have been through a few now. lol! If there weren't a prayer, I don't know that I'd show up.

    Love that Camaro. I used to have one!


  3. Congrats to your son! We didn't have an 8th grade graduation, only a High School one because our school was so tiny. The HS and JR. High were basically combined.
    It's too bad about the prayer. Why do people get offended by prayer? When I graduated we always had a baccalaureate at a local church the weekend before. We were allowed to chose if we wanted it and where, it was of course optional if you wanted to attend.
    Congratulations again to your son, I hope he really enjoys his first year of high school!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Congrats, but such a "bittersweet" event....why, oh why do they have to grow up SO FAST!!!!!

  5. Your son is such a cutie. Congratulations to him and to you. I just know you are one proud and happy Mom.


  6. Wow, look at that vintage Camero!!!

    Sorry about the step-bro forgetting to have fun. But from the looks of the kids, they made up for him. -giggles-

    And just read another post about 'little boys.' Aren't boys of all ages, the BEST?!? Yes, they are! :-)