Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday....big 15!!!!

today is my middle son's fifteenth birthday, yesterday we had his party...
he said he just wanted some friends over to play...

wiffle ball, they love this game!!!

then they went next door to my parents house and got to make pizza's, my dad has an outdoor pizza oven, they had so much fun they ended up making 10 know what we are having for dinner tonight!


having fun...I am so proud of the group of kids my sons hang out with!!! they prove you can have fun without drinking!

so Happy Bithday!!!! and many more!!!!


  1. What a handsome son you have and yes very refreshing to see them enjoy themselves minus the drinking. What fun to have your parents living next door, I wish my parents lived next door! oxox, Diane

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I love that when youngen's can have fun without drugs and drink. Being sober every day is a choice for me and I struggle with get togethers where there is drinking. I simply don't go. But they look to be having the time of their life. Hugs. Tammy

  3. What a handsome kid! You take a great pic too!! My middle son is also 15. Time flies too fast!!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your handsome baby boy!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son. His friends do look like a great bunch of guys.

  6. Happy birthday! I am glad I came upon your blog!
    My kids and friends remind me of yours! Great bunch!