Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures....

For today's treasures, I am going to show some Halloween crafts I made to sell in my booth, they are fast and easy and the,
most of the items are from the dollar store...

first craft,
dollar store candle holder, glitter head, moss and a candle...

just glue moss and head on to the candle holder, I used different sizes so they would be different heights, then make a hole in top and add candle...(tutorial on drippy spooky candle here) and your done for about $2.25....I don't think I would light these, just for decoration...

next, dollar store glass containers, candy, crow and moss.   I embellished the front with an image, but you don't have to, chalkboard paint would be fun too!!!  I also added an old key.
just glue on top, and fill with candy,
about $2.50

next, dollar store candles and glass holders, just make drippy candles.
cost about $1.25 each...

make some drippy candles,from the dollar store, tie and add a tag some moss (spider from the Graphic Fairy)
about $1.25

and last, get a pumpkin, mine is from the dollar store, lace remenant and what ever bling you want to add...

start at the top and cut a little hole to go around stem, hot glue in place.  Turn pumpkin over and staple lace to bottom, add what ever you want to embellish it...
cost $1.00 for pumpkin and ? for how much you want to add...
I hope you enjoyed my cheap Halloween crafts!


  1. Spooky crafts, and rightly so for this holiday! I would grow my own pumpkins, they look nice with the lace you added.

  2. Great ideas and easy for so much fun! Thanks for sharing! Marilou

  3. I just love those skull candles! What imagination!
    Great job, I'll have to try it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the lace pumpkins! And I have the birds, too! Aren't they great?

  5. Very nice love your creations!

  6. The skull candles are great... love all the ideas, thanks for sharing.
    just found you, glad I did!

  7. Such clever ideas. Love the spooky skull candles, but my absolute fav is the lace pumpkins!! Sounds even easy enough for me to do! I'm soooo loving my pink candy corn! :0)

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. Hi Stefanie!
    I just love your "cheap" Halloween decor that looks like a million bucks! You have the best ideas. I also love my silver skull head with the rose on it's head, that you sent to me.

    How sweet. It is proudly displayed!


  9. Very cool, clever and fun!

  10. These are all such great creative ideas, Stefanie!


  11. Lots of fun ideas here! I'm going to link up from Dollar Store Crafts!

  12. I especially like the skull candle holders, but these are all excellent ideas!

  13. I like everything you had created! But the crows are my favorite along with the candles. Thank You for stopping by.....Julian

  14. Stephanie this post is just to darn cute. Love how you put all these pieces together to make great decorations for Halloween. My granddaughter Kaci would love this.
    I was thinking about coming by here last night but stayed on Skype too long with my Kaci so glad I made it over today.
    We are so lucky to have you to show us how to create. I just wish I had your gift.

  15. What fabulous ideas! I just love them!

    I'm wondering about all the cute pumpkin-decorating ideas I see . . . do y'all just throw the pumpkins away when they start to rot, or is it implied across the blogosphere that these are all fake pumpkins?

  16. Great Halloween ideas! I'm hosting a Halloween link party now through the end of November. Stop by anytime!

    Corie @ Design DNA

  17. SO creative! I never think to do these types of crafts when Im in the dollar store, thank you!