Friday, October 1, 2010

thats the way!...

Ok, today I was out yard saleing and was so happy to see that Pearl the lady I told you about here was having another sale...its been driving me crazy wondering how much she sold her silver for, 
so I asked her, she told me she sold it all for $50, aghhhh, so cheap!  She told me they told her I was wrong and it wasn't sterling........I am heartbroken! and a little upset that they would tell her I was wrong.
I know you all were wondering what happened, and in my heart I knew they would rip her off, but I tried and you know she doesn't know me at all, so why would she believe me...but a least I tried.

on to some pretties...

this is one of my favorite roses, its the "Ballerina" rose...

I think the bee was dancing all over the blooms!
and remember Oct. is Breast Cancer month, so show some pink!!!!


  1. So cute and beautiful rose ♥

  2. I hope those people remember what they did everytime they see that silverware. And if they sell it for a ton of money, I hope they have nightmares. Shame on them!

    Pretty pinks!

  3. How very sad they took advantage of her. Shame on them! What goes around comes around I believe. You tried to do a good thing. Your photos are so gorgeous. Happy PS!


  4. Happy Pink Saturday Stefanie Sweetie...
    Beautiful share. The flowers are lovely, but that bee, oh be still my heart. I would be so far away from him. I am SO allergic. I hope you took this photo with a zoom lens. Looks mighty close to me.

    Hope you have a beautiful Pink Saturday sweetie. Thank you for sharing your Ballerina Rose. Just so fragrant.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. How sad is it that people will steal from a sweet person??? What comes around, goes around!!! Your pics are lovely!!

  6. beautiful photos give your post a happier ending.

    have a nice weekend


  7. Happy Pink Saturday Stefanie!
    Too bad those people were dishonest, I can tell that it bothered you so much. Oh well, they will have to live with it.

    I love your sweet flowers and the bumble bee.
    Great photos of pinks.


  8. I hate to hear things like that! People make causes that affect their futures. Like Sissie says, they will have to live with it. Your rose pictures are glorious. Have a happy weekend!

  9. Aww so sad she chose to beleive the people to rip her off. You are a good good egg. Beautiful photos. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoxo

  10. I'd love to smell the roses but the bee is discourging me..been stung 2 times this summer.

    Enjoy your weekend.. remember what goes around comes around and I'm sure those bad people will run into someone sharper.

  11. Beautiful photos. I can't believe those folks. Talk about taking advantage, especially after they knew you were aware of the situation. Good grief!
    Anyway, have a great weekend!

  12. Those roses are gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful box you put all my candy corns in! I LOVE IT!! I just got back home from being away on a trip to visit my sister for my birthday and yours was the first package I opened! OMG! You did such a fabulous job on the candy corns! THey look awesome! When I finish the faux cakes I will be working on I will send you a picture of them with the candy corns! Thank you SO much for doing these for me.

    I pink puffy heart you ♥

  13. Lovely! I don't think I knew what these are! I am pretty sure I have never seen them in person! Thanks for sharing! Have a super Pink weekend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Absolutely amazing capture of the bees! Gorgeous Pix and those wonder they are your favorite! Happy Pink Saturday xOxO

  15. G'morn Stefanie ~ Absolutely fabulous photos of your roses & the flitting bee.

    We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize not having been with you lately, but will be better now.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  16. Such a shame that couple treated her like that! You tried to help and that's all you could do, at least you can rest easy at night.

    Your flowers are lovely, and the 2 photos of the bee are fAnTaStIc!!!

  17. I am so sorry to hear that she got taken advantage of. It's so sad that there seem to be so many in this world now that just care about themselves and no one else. Seems to be growing more and more and it's tragic. Karma is something I wouldn't want to mess with, but that being said, Pearl must have been happy with the price she received, so at least if she doesn't know it, she won't be upset.
    Your roses are the perfect shade of pink and just lovely. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  18. So pretty! and I love your header photo! That is absolutely adorable!!

  19. I had read your post earlier about the silver... too bad she didn't get the full value of that silver! But you still did the right thing. Love your shabby fall banner! Happy Saturday! :) mercedes

  20. Happy belated pink. That bee does look as though it was dancing. Lovely images. Too bad about the woman and her silver. So sad to take advantage of someone. You are right, you tried.

  21. LOVELY :)
    If you like ROSES...look at my blog :)

  22. Hi Stefanie
    Its people like that that give dealers a bad name, shame on them. I hope Pearl never finds out how bad they treated her