Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our shop is having their Christmas Open House Thursday, so I have been trying to stock up, my booth is really small, but I packed it full!!!! I still have a little fluffing to do, but this is what I have done so far...

I decided to stay with neutrals this year...

these are the faux Christmas cupcakes I made this year...
if you would like to order, let me know..$8.50 ea.
minus the shop sale of 10%...

this ladder is such a great piece, I can add even more...lol...
on the other side of this is my fru fru table...

I hope our open house is a success, the whole town celebrates!  all the stores are open till nine ( you know how small towns always close at 4:00  or  5:00)
and there is food and drinks in all the stores, carolers, carriage rides, its a wonderful annual event!!!
if you see something you would like, let me know, everything is 10% off
So if you are near the central valley, Ca.
come on by!!!!


  1. Your booth is looking fabulous and I love those little ballerina cupcakes!
    I hope you have a big sell out!!


  2. Hello,

    This shop looks fabulous! Love your faux cupcakes.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Stefanie ..I'm sending you the "Best Lil Fluffer" Award ...!! Oh my gosh your space is so sweet and for being tiny you have it packed in their every so beautifully ... !!!

    I wanna come !!!

    Hugs and Blessings ..Sara

  4. Your store is full of pretty things; I like the faux cupcakes, and having food and carolers will make it a very popular event, I am sure.

  5. Your booth is lovely, I love the faux cupcakes! Hope everything goes well, Have a blessed night!

  6. Oh goodness Stefanie, I am really liking what I see here! Good luck at your event!! wish I could come by!

  7. Your booth looks fabulous! Those little deer cupcakes are adorable! Great job! Traci

  8. Your booth is AMAZING! I'd spend lots of time there for sure!

  9. Hi Stepahnie, Your booth is looking great. Small towns are so much fun and more friendly too. My grandson had to take a carriage ride at the Candle light walk last Friday. I like the small town atomsphere so much more so then the city. I enjoyed reaing your previous post. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  10. Your booth is beautiful!!! I love it, it is so easy on the eyes with all of the neutrals! Your cupcakes and cookies are darling. Let us know how the open house goes. We just had a Thanksgiving sale and i sold sooo much! Wishing you great luck!


  11. I'd love to stop by if I could! Everything looks fabulous. Love those cupcakes!


  12. OMG, so much beautiful eye candy... love your sweet little cupcakes too!!! Sounds like a really nice open house! I am your newest follower.
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  13. Ooooh. It reminds me of the Christmas breakfast scene from A little princess. Gorgeous!

  14. It looks gorgeous Sissie! I see several things there I think I could actually eat they look so delicious. Our store is having a sale soon too and we just got our booth all decked out. Isn't it amazing the stuff you can squeeze in? Too bad we don;t live closer, we could shop each other's booths and blow all our profits!

  15. Oops. I think I called you Sissie in my comment. I was just visiting her and screwed up! Sorry Stefanie!

  16. Looks like every inch is full of wonderful treasures. Wish I were there!


  17. Hi Stefanie, Your space looks fabulous!! I am sure your open house will be a huge success :-)) Have Fun!

  18. Your booth is great! Wish I were closer so I could shop there. :( Have a great week though, and I will too. Sandi

  19. Everything looks so beautiful in your booth. Wish I could come - I would love to go hunting in there.
    I´m sure it´ll be a great succes for your.
    xo Tina

  20. I think your shop looks fantastic. I wish you all the luck with the open house, I am sure you will do great. So many pretty things I see, Char

  21. I wish your store was here in KY, I love the cupcakes. Will you ship items and how do I order?

  22. Just gorgeous! I want everything!!! LOL