Friday, November 26, 2010


I thought I would share my secret for a great moist turkey...
no basting, just pop it in and check the thermoeter...

easy...just rub with your favorite spices, and since we are citrus farmers, I always put oranges inside the cavitiy, one cut up and one whole to keep it in.  A couple of sprigs of rosemary...

and here is my secret!!!!
Its the best, a deep fryer without oil, just hook up to a propane tank..
we usually go to the desert for Thanksgiving and I wanted to cook a turkey, so I bought this about two years ago, it is soooooo easy, and the turkey comes out perfect everytime!
there is a cage you put the turkey in and just drop it in, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours later its done, no basting.
I have even cooked ribs and roasts in it.
so know you know my secret...
you should of known it would be something super easy!


  1. One word I think will sum it up... YUMMO !! What a great way to cook a turkey. No offense to my Mother, but that looks like the tastiest turkey I've ever seen.

  2. This is most interesting, and the first I've ever heard of this technique.

  3. We had a friend who made us a turkey in his and it was the best. And fast. How delicious yours looks!!


  4. This is how Richard fixed our turkey, only he used lemons instead of oranges and he cooks it on the Big Green Egg, the breast was so MOIST . . just wish I wasn't sick so I could enjoy it more!


  5. Hi Stefanie ..Oh my yes we had a beautiful Thanksgiving day ...!! Thanks for asking !

    Now back to work today for our last show of the year next friday and saturday ...and then we are off until March ....Yeah !!! time to get the house back to normal ...LOL !!!

    Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving too ...

    Hugs and Blessings ..Sara

  6. Thanks for the tip! I just bought a turkey breast this year and did it up in the crockpot.....turned out pretty well actually!

  7. I am going to have to get one of those!! Can you get them at regular store-Wal-mart? I like the idea of no oil. I would be iffy about it, but since you said you have used it several times and they always turn out, that is good news!