Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ok, I need the help and advice of you...

so cute!!!!
but not on me!!!
I really need to loose weight, and I have tried sooooo many ways...
so if any of you have some great advice that has worked for you please share with me.
I have done weight watchers, but found that most of the 1 pt items have sugar in them...
I went to the dr. and she put me on the no carb diet, said it works fast, well two months of meat only....gets kinda yukie, I only lost four pounds, when of course she did it and lost nineteen...
so I am desperate!!!!


  1. i know what you are going through my dear!!
    after i had my baby the weight just kept piling on!! now i am the biggest i have ever been :(
    i JUST read this story.. going to try it!

    Hope it works for us!!

  2. I hear you. I lost 70lb on the UK Slimming world plan (UK). They have it in the Dallas area in the USA. Google it, they have plans and ideas. It works by eating free foods that fill you up, like meat, poultry, veg, rice etc. Of course I had support in the groups, that helps. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  3. The only thing that has ever worked well and stayed off (when I do the way - my son tells me I will come to love exercise... that has not happened) is less fat, less red meat, lower portions, more veggies, lots of H2O and a lot of heart healthy exercise. When I stick with that - it comes off. It's pretty basic. Not so easy to do. I have faith in you....if you'll believe in me! Jennifer

  4. OK...listen up this is no lie... I lost about 47 lbs by eating 3 meals a day and 3 small snacks. I have kept off the weight for 3 years now.

    breakfast is an egg 1/2 grapefruit or 1 piece of high fiber toast instead of the fruit.

    Lunch is a lettuce salad 2 cups with chives and cucumber and even some avocado with olive oil & vinegar or FF dressing and Tuna or chicken amount 4oz. and 1/2 grapefruit.

    Dinner is the same thing as lunch you can also have steak only flank and 4 oz as well.

    Snacks are a hard boiled egg, 3-4 slices of 96% ff lunch meat 15 almonds with a cheese stick or celery and peanut butter.

    Try this for 7 days it is hard and see what happens. I only walked for excercise at least 1/2 hour brisk walk everyday or other form of a brisk 30 minute workout.

    You can also do a 3 day protein day where you eat nothing but protein I mean nothing and I always drop at least 5 lbs doing that.

    I also drink a GALLON of water too. You can have diet sodas too :) Diet A&W is like dessert.


  5. Been there! Need to do it again. I did the La weight loss and lost 65 lbs. Had a great variety of wise choices and not live on just meat. Best yet did not have to buy anything. They do push their bars but you do not need them! I need to get back on it gained some weight back after a car accident and couldn't do more than lay around.

  6. I feel your pain!! I need to lose. I know the weight watchers diet and exercise works for me!! I just need to do it~~

  7. Well, I can't say that I'm of any help. When I lost the most weight I was on WW and it stayed off for many years. I've always battled the bulge and sadly the bulge is BACK and the older you get the more difficult it is to lose it.

    Smaller portions, watch your fat/sugar intake, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water . . . . of course I don't follow my own advice, LOL

  8. I do a low carb diet and just keep plugging along. You have to make your meals interesting...they don't all have to contain meat. Once you start to lose the weight, it falls off. But you have to find something that works for you and I think you did the right thing asking a lot of bloggers who have been there. Good luck, Stefanie!


  9. I don't know...I have tried everything...I need to lose at least 70 lbs........want to try something together?
    I started to read Jon Gabriel.......I can email you the info, not sure but at least he is interesting to listen to....
    I would be willing to do something with you for support!!!!
    Let me know!
    Margaret B

  10. Stefanie, I know it is a constant struggle! I lost almost 60 lbs last year by eating a strict diet of only 1600 calories a day I tried to eat very healthy. Cut out sodas and a lot of sugar. I also started exercising by walking and picked another workout of pilates. Started slow and built up my tolerance for the workouts. IT took a total of 5 months. I went to and used the calorie counter to keep track. I also allowed myself to not be perfect if I ate something I shouldn't one day I just said I will try harder tomorrow! Best of luck! Sometimes it helps to have a friend to help hold you accountable and check in with. Traci

  11. For me, it had to be drastic....I cut out soda (I used to drink the sugar-free kind) bread, absolutely anything that had sugar, drank water or a bottled water with a packet of sugar-free drink mix. Small portions of food. must walk. You absolutely do not have to do vigorous exercise but you must walk. Even if it's only twice a week. Do this for three months and you will see a huge difference in how your tummy will have shrunk.

    I think your friend Moi, has a fabulous diet plan so I definitely commend her for giving you that advice. I do see that bread is on the menu but that is totally up to you because they do make several good brands of sugar-free bread. It was very hard for me giving up bread and!!

    Good luck dear!

  12. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Maybe you will inspire me! Diet buddies can really be a big help. Let me know if you need one!!

  13. This is my goal as I turn 40! I think I'm going to try some of these tips! Thanks for posting this Stefanie.

    And Happy Bday to you!!!

  14. I am so careful with what I eat too. I take sm. portions, eat low fat foods and those with not too much sugar. But the best thing I have found for keeping the weight off is high fiber! I eat no bread unless it's 5 grams of fiber at least. I eat whole wheat pasta instead of white because it is high in fiber. The cereals I have for breakfast are all high fiber too, 5 grams, no less.
    It's tough! After menopause especially. I know I'll never be an 8 again so I try to just look my best and cover my tummy!! Depending on the brand, my jeans can be either 10, 12 or 14s and I try not to think of the number...just how they fit.
    And walking! Or using my exercise bike.
    Good luck! I'm cheering for you!
    Hugs, Diane

  15. Well, a stomach virus always helps me drop a few pounds! Ha-ha!

    Seriously, swimming is what works best for me! I didn't have my pool this last summer so I'm going into the holiday season with a big belly. Should be interesting!

  16. I got the "Lose it" ap for my iphone and dropped 7 pounds! All ya do is count calories, and the program does that for you and plug in your exercise and when you are out of calories for the day, you stop eating. I absolutely must start logging in my calories again!

  17. Oh MY...that baby is cute but a chubbie thing!! On the losing weight its a hard battle...I don't know what to write except- good Luck!!

  18. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so glad you did comment because I now get to follow you! I couldn't help but comment on this post and I am sure that so many people have been through the weight loss saga, but you CAN do it. If I did, anyone can!

    My advice, which is easier said than done, is quit the snacking. Have regular meals and snacks, not snacks all day. My biggest thing to overcome was drinking coke. I still miss it.

    I have lost 40lbs over the last almost 2 years. Yes it is a slow process, but this way I know I will keep it off. My secret weapon was going to a weight loss doctor. They showed me how to eat and calculate teaspoons of sugar per serving and then gave me these magical appetite suppression pills. When I remember to take them my weight loss is awesome. I am just not that faithful at it. However the pills make me thirsty and I crave water. They also make me not hungry so I force myself to eat and therefore I can choose to eat healthier. I also started running everyday. It was super duper hard at first but I eventually craved that too and didn't feel good unless I had run that day.

    So my other advice is get moving. It doesn't matter what kind of exercise as long as you do it everyday even if it is just 10 minutes. Get your heart rate up and you will eventually want to add minutes to your routine.

    Good luck.