Wednesday, May 16, 2012


only me!!! I guess this dream is not happining...
they never showed up this morning and when I got a hold of them, the stories started!!! in other words, I think I just lost alot of money, my deposit, and my house is all over the I guess the fun will start, seeing how to get my money back.

new update...
well guess what?  he has been using my money to do other jobs, this used to be a reputable business when his dad was alive, so he has till Monday to make good...
mind you that I put my deposit down a month ago.
I am going to keep a good attitude and really hope for the best!

old green carpet!!!!! hooray!!!!!

this will be going bye bye...
I am having a plank vinyl floor put in, I wanted something durable.
this room is the family room so I am having them put the wood vinyl around the perimeter and having carpet laid in the middle so it will look like a rug, this was way cheaper than buying a large rug, and the carpet is super stain resistant...

can't wait...

it was supposed to go in a week and a half ago, but they called because they got behind on another job, so all our stuff has been in other rooms and our kitchen table has been on the back porch....

no more green carpet,
and how I loved this when we built our home fourteen years ago...

now all the flooring will be the same,
this floor really did well, it is a roll out vinyl flooring that looks like wood,
it really held up well, it has in the last two years started lifting in the corners and seams,
I will update on the progress today...
sooooo excited and super pooped out from all the work of moving stuff out!


  1. Hope it all goes well. It's always nice to update...Have a great day...with love Janice

  2. That was a pretty change. Beautiful floor.


  3. It's going to look wonderful!


  4. oooh those pesky folks who give you date after date. I must say I like that green carpet but I think the floors will be awesome when you get done. You will enjoy a fresh new look! Fun Stuff!

  5. How exciting I would be doing jumping jacks. So can't wait for you to share with all of us the after photos.

    Have a great week


  6. Looks like it's going to be an interesting renovation -- hopefully it all works out well for you -- I love the idea of putting the carpet in the middle and the flooring just around the edges!

  7. I can't believe that is vinyl flooring!! It looks so real! I hope they show up soon, so you can get your life back on track,