Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I want...

I am on a quest...

I want something like this for my booth, so I can hang necklaces on, this one is on Ebay for $345...eeeeekkk, I little to much!!!!!!

so off to hunt, with no luck, but this store had such pretty stuff...

so many pretty chippy treasures...but I need to stay on track!!!



  1. Everything is worth waiting for and I just know you will find the perfect object to display your jewelry. If you are like me, you will find it when you least expect too! HA, Char

  2. Did you check Etsy? I saw one there reasonable a few months back, might be gone now but no harm trying! Happy New Year! Marilou

  3. My borrowed idea: my girlfriend Sheila had a yard sale last summer. She was selling vintage costume jewelry. She borrowed the prettiest waterfall lamp from her neighbor. I am buying parts of this style lamp adding a base to make my own necklace display holder. Take a look on ebay for "waterfall" lamps or parts. ETSY may have them as well. Easy to create and inexpensive too*!* Carol of Fresh Linens

  4. don't you hate it when you just love something that is way out of price range.
    Oh it does the same to me, I go on the hunt hoping to find something similar to work.
    Good luck, stay focused

  5. Good luck with your hunt!


  6. Would you believe that I found TWO statues like the one you're looking for in the barns of our new house? Seriously!

    Good luck on the hunt, and Happy New Year!


  7. Rustic and pretty, my favorite combo!


  8. Stefanie ..I just was at Homegoods yesterday and they had some beautiful solid concrete lady statues about 4 ft tall and slender in a wonderful green patina for 59.95 ...awesome price and they weren't that plastic junk.

    If you have one near go check them out ..They are honestly every bit as beautiful as the old ones ..they did a good job with these ones.

    Blessings ..Sara

  9. that bust is to die for! but I wouldn't pay 345 either!

  10. Bonjour Stephanie,
    I know the feeling of getting off track when going through a fantastic store. Good luck finding what you need to display your jewelry. I am off to visit your boutique now.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  11. Your quests sound like mine... may 2011 bring you many successful Treasure Hunts so that your stash of fabulousness is overflowing!

    Happy New Year... Dawn... The

  12. Ohhhhh that head is a beauty! I love the store. I would love for my booth to look vintagey and dreamy like that! I have to STOP keeping the good stuff! My mantel is really narrow, it is faux...even more of a challenge. I can't resist the pink!

  13. I too would Love one, I found a (new) one, not as good, but a newish one at (Home Goods) you could paint in a black-gray or stone like paint- wait and paint with Kilz giving it a plaster like look-then rough it up
    (worse case if you dont find one) A new follower ill be back-Good Luck

  14. Oh my that's alot of mullah!! Keep looking, you'll find something:)
    Happy New Year Stefanie!!