Thursday, December 9, 2010

new items...

I have really been neglating my shop, poor thing...

I have been so busy with my booth, I thought I should put some new treasures in my online shop...

some napkins to match...

the best colors ever!!!

ok, these colors are great too!!!
hopefully I will begin decorating for Christmas this weekend...
and I am feeling a
Christmas giveaway is needed...
what better way to start feeling the spirit!!!


  1. I love the embroidered placemats and napkins!

  2. I have an online store and a website and I am also finding it hard to keep up. I just don't want to let either of them go, or my blog! You have some great treasures there, i do really well with linen in my booth!! Those placemats are great!


  3. Great finds Stefanie!
    happy day!

  4. You have some great items there. Cute mail sorter. I, too, have been having trouble keeping up with my online stores. Thinking of pairing down come Jan. Take care and Have a great weekend

  5. Ooo, Stefanie, I have those original decals that are on the mail organizer thingy! I hope to make more decals out of them. ♥