Monday, May 9, 2011

corsage & boutonniere...tutorial..

Wow, what a busy weekend!!!!!
so, so sorry I haven't visited you...
six basketball games and one baseball and PROM!!!

for this prom I decided to make the corsage and boutonniere for my son and his girlfriend.  When they went to formal I was in shock at how much they cost, $29.00 for the corsage and  $15.00 for the boutonniere, and they said that was a discounted price for buying both together!!

I bought a pretty bracelet, $16.00 and made a charm, a large button ( already had) and some ribbon ( .99)...

went out to the garden and picked some little lavender roses and lemon balm that was blooming...

attached the button to the bracelet...

bundle the flowers together with floral tape ( $1.00, dollar tree)..

tied it on to the bracelet...

then added the charm!!!
this way she gets to keep the bracelet and charm.
the roses look pink, but are a light lavender...

the boutonniere was the easiest,
a couple of roses, lemon balm, tied together with floral tape...

then ribbon added!


  1. great idea and far more unique....i just bought floral tape from dollar tree over the weekend. Love that store.

  2. Hi Stefanie,
    How lovely! Your creations are so much prettier than store bought.
    They make such a darling couple.


  3. That is adorable and clever! She will love the keepsake. Your son is a handsome young man.

  4. Stefanie-great tutorial--they turned out VERY nice..thank you for stoppping by my blog---LOVE Round Top also--this was my first year going and I think I just experienced only a few of the great things to see! Going to go over your blog and visit your shops now--i LIKE your style!