Monday, May 23, 2011

A new week!!!

What a weekend...
I was sad...
and cried...

I was happy and soooo proud...

I was mad and dissapointed in some adults...

and was laughing so hard I cried...

lots of emotions this weekend...

but thats part of life!!!
heres to the start of a new week!!!!


  1. Que maravillosas fotos y que colores tan hermosos tienen las flores!! me encantan...y la vida es asì aveces se llora y otras se rie...!!!
    feliz semana

  2. Hi Stefanie,

    Life certainly isn't always rosy...that's for sure! Hope that you have a great one.....xo, Janet

    P.S. OMG, love your pond!

  3. A new week and new things to come. That's a great outlook!


  4. Sounds normal to me Stefanie. We experience so many emotions and we always get through them.

    hugs and have a wonderful week.


  5. Hi Stephanie, I pray your Monday was a good start to a new week :) Life sure does seem to be a roller coaster at times, but we are conquerors.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Stefanie, ahhh life is a complicated thing, isn't it! So many up's and down's. I hope your week is filled with big smiles and awesome memories:) BTW, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my anniversary roses! They're now drying in cool place in my house so that I may cherish them forever:)

    Have a lovely week!


  7. Stefanie,

    What an emotional roller coaster you were on this weekend. Wishing you a week filled with everything that you enjoy and that makes you smile. Can you tell me the name of the flowers that are featured? They are so delicate looking.


  8. What a lovely blog you have! Thanks so much for posting my giveaway button!
    - susan