Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures...

Here are some of the treasures I will be listing today...

beautiful vintage head vase...

the perfect color vintage strainer...

just click on the discription to be taken to the listing.


  1. You found some really great things this week! I love the old service bell and the spools are really neat...someone will come up with something crafty for them!


  2. What a beautiful head vase! I used to have one but it broke when we moved.

  3. Oh my did you find some great treasures!! I lvoe the head vase and am looking for more wooden spools after getting rid of mine when we moved! (Wouldn't you know I would find another use for them after I decide to get rid of my country decor!)

    I do love my chippy walls which is the reason I haven't done anything yet. They do have issues though like pencil marks from previous wallpaper adventures and the flaky flakes- find little flakes around the baseboards all the time. I want to figure out a way to make the wall look like this without the flaky.

    Thank you so much for taking the tour! Did you go to the giveaway page to sign up for the enamel sign?

  4. Great finds!! I love the old drawer pulls and that bell is very cool.
    I just looked through the pics of your family room and I love it! The color is wonderful. I'm thinking of redoing a couple of rooms in my house and I love seeing all of the different colors that bloggers have used. Love the color you used on top.
    Happy WW.