Monday, December 12, 2011

barbie's and Christmas Cards...

I was at Big Lots the other day and saw these new Barbie's they had, I started laughing because they reminded me of my kids...

hahaha, I thought it was so funny I bought them, of course my kids think I am weird...
so yesterday off to take Christmas card photos...

the usual goof balls...

seventy five photos,
and they just kept getting more silly,
but I love it!!!!

maybe I should just put her on the cards this year...

ok, these are the only two that came out!!!
I really love taking them out to take their pictures, its so fun, and one of the best memories of Christmas!
remember its the little things that are the most precious!


  1. The last two are definitely Christmas card material! You really have a beautiful family. I miss taking pictures for the card...mine are just TOO old, or so they think!! lol!


  2. I'm surprised! The dolls do look like your children. :)
    They are beautiful and happy. The best card would be them not being serious, that would be just adorable.
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  3. The dolls are a match for sure. Love the photos. Cute kids! judy

  4. I can totally relate. My daughter is 23 years old, and I constantly get her things that are more or less kiddie-like. Recently, I found an ornament she made when she was 8 that had a picture of her inside, and texted it to her. She thought it was ridiculous, haha! But to us Moms, they're priceless!

    Your kids are gorgeous.

  5. First I see the resemblance to the Barbie funny! Cute kids and each so different from the other. I really like the second picture, but the first one is sooo cute with them smiling!


  6. OMG! Your kids have dolls that look like them!! To uncanny.
    Love the photos!

  7. Funny!! The dolls look like your kids!!! I love the pictures and your kids are gorgeous!!

  8. They DO look like your kids! Oh my gosh! LOVE IT!


  9. Real life Barbie cute is that!
    They are great looking kids.


  10. Too funny! Those last shots look like a professional took them, but you do have good material to work with. :@

    I LOVE those clocks in your header photo!

  11. Oh wow..I would have bought them too. I probably would have GIVEN them to my kids as Christmas gifts. So let yours know you could be "weirder"! The pics look great. You have a beautiful family. Katie

  12. Hello Stefanie
    I can see why you thought those dolls look like your kids. lol...Glad you bought them
    Your pics of your family are wonderful and their like mine they love to cut up.
    Hope your well and enjoying the season

  13. Oh my gave me a chuckle this morning and yes your children do resemble the barbies what great memories you have to share!

  14. Oh my gosh the dolls do look like your kids....hehehe that is so funny. I too would of bought them too. tfs

  15. Oh, I was waiting for a picture of them with the dolls doing something crazy...that would be soooo cute!